All the information you might need to prepare for your visit to the HideAway can be found below. If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  1. How to get to the HideAway
  2. By Air
  3. By Ferry/Road
  4. Drive times/distances to Port Hardy
  5. By bus
  6. Diving
  7. Accommodation & Facilities
  8. What to Bring
  9. Required Dive Gear
  10. Recommended Additional Dive Gear
  11. Recommended gear list

How to get to the HideAway

Our location is a mystery shrouded in the haar, but when you’ve decided to visit, we’ll let you in on the secret.

Our home port is Port Hardy, the largest town in the north of Vancouver Island. We’ll meet you in Port Hardy at the dock at the Quarterdeck Inn’s Restaurant & Pub located at 6555 Hardy Bay Road. We usually meet at 1:30pm on the trip start date, although other timing arrangements can be made. We’ll load gear onto the boat and transport you to the HideAway, approximately two hours away by boat.

On your final day, we try to have you back in Port Hardy around 11am, after a hearty breakfast and early morning dive.

There are several options for travelling to Port Hardy.

By Air

Pacific Coastal Airlines flies three to four times daily between Vancouver (YVR) and Port Hardy (YZT). Flight time 1 hr, 5 mins.

By Ferry/Road

Regular BC Ferries service Vancouver Island. Ferries depart from either the Horseshoe Bay terminal (North Vancouver) or Tsawwassen terminal (south of Vancouver, close to US border), to Victoria or Nanaimo. All routes are approximately two hour journeys.

The drive north to Port Hardy is very scenic along excellent highways.

Drive times/distances to Port Hardy

  • From Seattle – 3 hours/230kms to Vancouver.
  • From Victoria – 6 hours/ 500kms
  • From Nanaimo – 4 hourrs/390kms
  • From Comox – 3.5 hrs/290kms
  • From Campbell River – 2.5 hrs/240kms

By bus

Greyhound buses service Port Hardy, departing from Vancouver, Nanaimo or Victoria. There is one morning bus daily from Vancouver Island locations to Port Hardy


For afternoon arrivals, we’ll usually set out for our first dive as soon as you’re settled in and ready to go. For later arrivals, our first dive will be the following morning. We aim for three to four dives a day, and will discuss the next day’s schedule and dive spots each evening. Dive and meal schedules will be determined by tides and conditions, and may vary each day.

Don’t let the bright colours and abundance of life fool you, this is cold water. We strongly recommend diving in a drysuit although we do occasionally have wetsuit divers.

Before coming to The HideAway we ask that divers please check all of their equipment thoroughly. We do have a limited ‘save a dive’ kit and spare gear but we are a few hours away from town and a day trip away from any dive shops. If you require rental gear this can be arranged in advance, please ensure you complete the diver questionnaire carefully and include specific sizes.

Our dives are not typically guided. If you would like to be accompanied by a Divemaster or guide, please enquire as early as possible.

We provide lead weights and aluminum tanks free of charge. Steel 120s, 100s or 80s are also available for an extra fee. All air fills are included.

Accommodation & Facilities

Accommodations at the Hideaway are rustic and cozy. We have a range of double and triple room configurations, with single and double beds. All rooms are with ensuite, and linen and towels are provided. If you would prefer two single beds, or a double bed, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Electrical power is available by generator so your camera and lights will always be ready for your next dive. Rooms have in-room controlled heating.

Three home-cooked meals a day are included. Breakfast includes cooked items such as fluffy pancakes, french toast, eggs made to order, sausages and bacon, and you may also choose from a selection of cereals, porridge, fruit, toast and fresh muffins. Lunch typically consists of hearty soups served with bread, buns and crackers, as well as a variety of sandwich fixings and salads. We usually offer two meat dishes for supper/dinner, served with potato, pasta or rice, several cooked vegetables and salad, plus dessert of course.

We endeavour to provide good variety for everyone, and we are able to cater to some special dietary requirements. Please discuss any allergies or medical conditions requiring special food options with us as early as possible.

Beverages, snacks and baking are available throughout the day, from fruit, sandwiches, muffins, cookies or cakes, and coffee, tea, juice or hot chocolate.

We do not provide alcoholic beverages. You are welcome to bring your own supply of pop, candy or any alcohol for ‘finished-diving-for-today’ times. There is a small store at the Port Hardy dock if you need to get last-minute supplies.

What to Bring

Required Dive Gear

  • Exposure suit
  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD)
  • Regulator
  • Mask. If you wear a prescription mask, please bring a spare
  • Hoods/Gloves
  • Fins
  • Dive computer (with spare battery)
  • Dive light (with spare batteries). Two dive lights are required on all dusk or night dives, so please bring your spare
  • Whistle or ‘DiveAlert’
  • SMB or ‘safety sausage’
  • Spare mask
  • Spare batteries for lights, camera & analyser
  • Spare O-rings
  • Suit glue and/or Aquaseal for holes
  • Spare mask and fin straps
  • Camera and dive-gear parts and spares
  • Personal clothing, including warm, and waterproof layers
  • Extra diving undergarments in case of diving dampness
  • Personal medications and toiletries. Please bring spare medication for on the boat if necessary
  • Bath towel and any cloths or towels for gear or cameras
  • Hiking boots/water shoes for topside adventures
  • Headlamp or torch/flashlight. Generators, and therefore lights, are off at times during the day and from 11pm to 6.30am
  • Accessories and fun stuff. Guitars, games, music holders, makers and players are all welcome